It's finally here... delivers email to Caltrans accounts

Use both and email addresses interchangeably

Now you can link them together and stop missing email. A global email link between your and accounts. Simply complete the SIGN-UP form below.

Don't miss important email messages addressed to but meant for you

For the past years, employees have been receiving email messages sent to unknown addresses at the domain. We found that there were corresponding names for the same name. And started manually forwarding these messages to the corresponding address. Then we set up autoresponders for each mis-addressed email we received. To let your sender know that the mail was undeliverable. And suggesting that they try resending to

As the distribution of email addresses has grown, so has our influx of mis-addressed messages and we find it technically easy but financially impossible to individually manage autoresponders for this volume of mail.

We have taken steps to resolve this problem through numerous other channels (including discussions with webmasters and Caltrans email account trainers) and came up with a solution which can help you receive ALL your email. The domain can't help (even though they're willing and concerned) but we can.

It doesn't matter if the sender forgets the .gov anymore is enough

Here's what happens at the and domains when we receive your SIGN-UP form:

  1. We forward an unlimited number of email for as long as you want or indefinately. Even if the sender forgets the .gov extension.
  2. You choose which email address to use. They're interchangeable. Switch back and forth. Your email account at will be set so that you can use the shorter email address as your reply address. It's optional, and just means that you can forget the .gov suffix by accident or by choice.
  3. You pick up mail as usual from
  4. You still receive the fully-addressed email at Except now you receive both!

A global email link joins your and accounts

To make this program affordable to everyone, we are absorbing all of the traffic costs through our network. This means we will forward an UNLIMITED number of email messages to you throughout the year. You won't have to pay a fee each time you receive a forwarded message.

And, because we really don't want you to keep missing your email, we are offering an unusually low-price for an email forwarding service, far below what you'll find elsewhere on the Internet (by less than 50%), to maintain a global internet link between your and accounts.

For only $14.95/year we will forward an UNLIMITED number of email messages to your account. Plus a $6.95 one-time set-up fee. Starting as soon as we receive your sign-up form. Purchase 2 years in advance for $29.95 and we'll waive the setup fee. You'll receive ALL your email, even if the sender forgets to include the .gov suffix.

This fee will be used to cover the costs of maintaining the link everywhere on the Internet, 24 hours a day and we'll absorb the traffic charges. You're under no obligation to register for email forwarding service and if you choose not to take advantage of this offer, your email will just be deleted. There will be no ongoing reminders or attempts to contact you by This offer is only open to email account holders.

Set up your Global email link here in just 5 minutes!


For $1.50 / month you're not going to miss an email ever again!

If paying by credit card, please complete a secure order form to SIGN-UP HERE. Your account will be billed in CDN FUNDS as TRANSCANADA (the merchant) which means your statement will show the lower US$ equivalent (45% less than the amount shown on the order form).

To receive this same substantial discount when paying by check, money order or by credit card via fax, please complete and print the order form to SIGN-UP HERE and send along with your payment. Be sure to write "CDN FUNDS" on the check and the bank will withdraw 45% less than the amount of the check.

Credit card phone orders are accepted at 1-877-888-TCNS (8267). Fax orders are accepted at (416) 652 6418 x211.


The domain is a node in the TCNS network and provides assistance to organizations seeking to establish an Internet presence at and So you know your email link will be reliable. Additionally, this service is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.